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Frank Ocean Finally Tops Billboard Album Chart With Blonde

This definitely calls for some new Nikes in celebration. Ocean’s long-awaited Blonde — which

Don’t Breathe Scared Its Way to the Top of the Box Office This Weekend

Don’t Breathe can breathe a big sigh of relief. The expertly crafted horror film

Thor Was Too Busy Normalizing His Life on Earth to Appear in Captain America: Civil War

For those who were bemoaning the lack of Chris Hemworth’s Thor in Captain America:

Flea Responds to Fox News’ Red Hot Chili Peppers Attacks: ‘They're All Welcome to Hate Us’

As reported last week, for some weird reason Fox News host Greg Gutfeld can’t

Captain America: Civil War Unleashes a Very Silly Blooper Reel

Sure, this new blooper reel from Captain America: Civil War may not be that

Kanye West Gave Paparazzi Free Yeezy Sneakers

No one is ever really ready for New York Fashion Week, but at least

Sit Back, Relax, and Listen to a Previously-Unreleased Led Zeppelin Track

No lawsuit to worry about here. Ahead of the release of Led Zeppelin’s The

Richard Branson Thought He Was ‘Going to Die’ Following Violent Bike Crash

Let this serve as a PSA for helmet use, folks. (Yes, Citi Bikers, even

Nate Parker: ‘I’m Not Perfect, I’m a Flawed Man, But I’m Willing to Try to Get Better’

Following interviews he did with Deadline and Variety earlier this month to address the

Mike Colter Brings the Ruckus in a New Teaser for Luke Cage

How cool is Luke Cage, you ask? So cool that the Marvel superhero can
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