FXXXXY Discusses New Single “20 Taliband”

FXXXXY is back with a new single that releases today.

The tracks is called “20 Taliband” and will appear on FXXXXY’s upcoming album “Cartel Shawty,” which is scheduled for an August 31st release.

“Taliband is my click’s slang for counterfeit money and the “20” in the name represents the Harriet Tubman bill that will come out soon,” FXXXXY told AllHipHop.com. “’20 Taliband’ is a world that takes place in a strip club that shows the youth in my city who feel they rather beef with the Dallas police than anybody else, while possessing counterfeit money. It’s really subliminal and has a lot of layers but you can piece it all together.”

Source: Rap Buzz!

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