R. Kelly

Rumor has it that the King of R&B, R. Kelly, is dating a 19-year-old Karreuche lookalike, and that he has his own harem of women living in his house.

Dating a 19-year-old is completely fine being that she is of age, but it definitely doesn’t help the taunts from others about R liking young teenage girls.

As far as his alleged concubines, a few women have come forward alleging that R. Kelly definitely has at least 5 live-in girlfriends that live in his home in Atlanta. Some of them have been rumored to have been around for at least a decade.

Word on the street is that Kelly also has many women outside of his harem that he rotates. It has been said that R. Kelly may actually love the 19-year-old as he doesn’t dictate how she dresses or what she does with her life like he does with his other women. Allegedly all of his women have to also be down with lesbian sex as well. Who could really be surprised though??

Part2/2 Email Tip on #RKelly: They’re a harem. Some of them have been around for almost a decade and others 3+ years. They travel on the road with him, they do whatever he says, when he says it. They all have sex with each other and with R. Their ages are between early 30’s to 19, so they’re all legal. They can be seen at his shows. Front row and they never make eye contact. All of them walk with their heads down and wearing baggy clothes. They can also be seen in a group wherever he’s playing basketball. Sara is just his girlfriend that he flies out to Chicago or whatever city he’s in. She’s not really mingling with his harem or sitting up at his studio like his other women do. Many didn’t know about her until she decided to post a picture of them and tell Halle that R. is her man. Truth is, R. is community dick. He has many women (outside of his harem) that he rotates. I feel bad for Sara cause she most likely was fooled into thinking she was his only girl… But the gag is Sara has fucked with his harem, as well. So I don’t know why she’s acting shocked about the new edition to the harem. I do know that he treated Sara different than the rest of them so perhaps there is love there. He didn’t dictate how she dresses or what she does with her life while with him. In comparison to his harem, he treats her like royalty. He lets her be so I do think he may see her as more than pussy. So yea, all of his women have to be down with lesbian sex and to get “turned out” by his bottom b!tch, Juicy. This is the first thing he tells them. Juicy will eat any pussy right on the spot. [Oh and be sure to mention Juicy aka Andrea Payton and from Chicago] So he can eventually drop this toxic bitch☕

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